Photo by Paul Needham

A Chat With Heart

This is something new for me. Engineering and editing a podcast has been a real learning experience and a chance to branch out into a whole new medium. I found out that it is a lot of work to put together a podcast episode so the fact that we now are coming to the end of a whole season of 20 podcast episodes is amazing!

Christina Martin-"In Control" music video

The second single and video from the as of yet unreleased album "Storm". Another collaboration with Brendan Henry. This video takes us from the Moon to a trip across the earth to re-assemble a golden statue of Christina. Pretty cool!!

Christina Martin- "Stay With Me" music video

The first single and video from Christina's new and yet to be released album "Storm". Christina and I worked  hard on the arrangement of this song,so we wanted a video that could convey the feeling that we wanted to come through in this song. We found Brendan Henry,a videographer from Prince Edward Island to work his magic and create something really cool! 

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